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Webster the Yellow Collared Mini Macaw

This is Webster. He is the newest member of our ever growing family. Webster is a yellow collared mini macaw and, just like Lucky, we don't know how old he is. We had already sworn off taking in any more birds. For those of you with birds you know this is a short lived vow. We got a phone call from a parrot rescue group one week before Christmas to tell us about a mini macaw who was found trapped in a fake cobweb shortly before Halloween. After two months of searching for an owner none was found. The bird was thoroughly vet checked and was looking for a permanent home. We went to visit Spidey (his name at that time) two days before Christmas. Well it was love at first site for all of us. He spent the evening regurgitating for us and on us. He was playful and gentle. Soooooo home he came for Christmas. Webster has become more and more playful and is starting to talk now. His tail feathers have begun to grow in (he lost them all in the cobweb). Most importantly he has become friends with Lucky. He spends most of the day calling for Lucky, preening him and regurgitating for him. All this and he is still willing to play with us.

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