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This is Tiger. He is your basic alley cat that we adopted from an ASPCA in New York. Tiger was my first pet. Believe it or not we originally went out to purchase a bird for my 10th birthday. I didn't want a bird--I thought they made lousy pets. (Hehe...can't tell that from my house now!) Anyway, while we were in the pet shop we saw all these cute kittens and we left to go to North Shore Animal League. I found the cutest little black and white kitten. After spending a half an hour playing with this kitten and naming him the people who worked there said we couldn't have him. Their reason was that they couldn't reach the other person (the man my mother married) by phone so we couldn't take the kitten home. I understand why they want to reach everyone in the household but wouldn't it be a better policy to do that before you let a child spend time with an animal and possibly bond with it? I was crushed and hysterical crying. Off we went to the ASPCA. My mother was determined not to let my hopes get crushed again. This time she filled out the forms and said she was single. After they approved our forms we went to look at the cats. We came to a cage with three kittens. One of them came right to the front and wanted to play. You guessed it...that was Tiger. Well he's going to be 17 on February 27. I wouldn't have traded him for the world.

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