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Bandit and Jessie Our Sun Conures

These are our Sun Conures, Bandit and Jessie. They have been with us since they were just weaned. They are almost three years old now. We originally were going from pet shop to pet shop looking for a companion for our beloved (late) Amazon, Spunky. We went through the phone book looking for pet shops. We happened upon a small Queens pet shop (which no longer exists). They had six conures in a much too small enclosure. We were immediately taken by their coloring. We continued to look around but were drawn back to this enclosure. One of the birds kept sticking her foot out as if she were trying to grab one of us. We decided we wanted to take her home with us. The shop owner told us she was a Jenday conure (oops guess he was wrong!). He took her out of the enclosure so we could handle her. As soon as she was removed from the enclosure one of the others began to cry (for lack of a better word). He sounded so pitiful. We couldn't leave this obviously distressed bird without his friend. So OF COURSE we left with two birds. The first one we named Jessie and the other we named Bandit. The reason Bandit got his name was because he had a band on his leg and Jessie didn't. Jessie got her name simply because Chris liked the name. They are an oddity among paired birds. While they are bonded to each other they still readily come to us.

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