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This was Spunky. He passed away on September 26, 1996. Unfortunately we may never be 100% sure of what happened since we were at work and someone else was watching him. At any rate we miss him greatly. This is his story. We rescued Spunky from an abusive situation. He was living in a darkened room in a pet carrier with a cover on it. He was fed nothing but seeds. When we took him he had a cracked beak, no feathers on his head and a respiratory infection. With much love and care his feathers all grew in and his coloring was beautiful. He took right to his new diet of pellets, fruits and vegetables. He learned to talk, whistle tunes, blow kisses and so much more. Eventually he even let us hold him and he would snuggle up in bed under the blankets. When I had an asthma attack and could not reach my medicine he would scream for Chris until help arrived. He loved to laugh and play. He is the reason we learned to love parrots. Since Spunky passed away we have dealt with it the best was we could. We have a memorial plaque in our yard and have opened our home to unwanted and/or abused parrots. None will ever replace him but we can certainly honor his memory by helping those who need it.

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