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This is Rusty. We believe that Rusty is a beagle and boxer mix. She came to us quite unexpectedly. One day we found her tied to a fence with a very short and tattered leash. Through her tag we traced her to North Shore Animal League. We officially adopted her after all the other dogs gave their approval. It has not been easy living with Rusty. She is just a giant bundle of energy. She turned one year old on January 17,1998. She has chewed anything and everything she could get her jaws on. Its so hard to get angry at her since she's so cute. She came to live with us when she was about 4 months old. She only weighed about 22 pounds then, now she is 62 pounds. We really hope she's done growing. She loves people and she loves to play. Unfortunately she doesn't realized how big she is and knocks people down. She runs around the house playing with her toys (she has her own toychest) all day. When its time for bed she goes to the toy box, gets a stuffed animal and brings it up to bed. How could you stay angry at anything that cute? We are just counting down the days until she reaches doggy puberty so that maybe, just maybe, she'll calm down. Until then our African Grey Lucky will just keep yelling "Rusty NO!"

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