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Our Quaker Parakeets Wakko, Yakko and Dot

Wakko, Yakko and Dot are Quaker or Monk Parakeets that were hatched in September 1996. There is not much of a story behind how they came to live with us. The more I read about parrots the more I was sure I wanted a Quaker. Well while frequenting pet shops I found one....ok obviously I found three. Originally we were just looking. After a few visits we decided we had to get one of them out of there. The three of them were sharing a 10 gallon fish tank with a slightly older sun conure. The sun conure was beating them up and no one in the shop was doing anything about it. According to the writing on the tank all but one were sold. We went up to the counter to verify this. The first person we asked said that two were still available. We discussed it and agreed that we would take them both. When we went up to leave our deposit the owner asked us which two since all three were still available. Well, you guessed it we decided to take all three. What did you expect? How could we leave that last one all alone? Since they were paid for they were moved to their own without a mean conure. When they were finally weaned in late December 1996 they came home. They were our first little celebrities with their photo and paragraph in the September 1997 issue of Bird Talk magazine. Such a proud day for us....our kids in print!

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