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Peaches and Cream, Our Lovebirds

These are our lovebirds Peaches and Cream. They are almost four years old. They were our first new birds after the passing of our beloved Spunky. Chris more than I wanted something feathered to fill the void left by Spunky. I was against it entirely. I was sure I didn't want a large or medium sized bird because it would remind me too much of Spunky. One day we happened into a pet shop (that I will never patronize again) and found these two really cute birds. Well actually more pitiful than cute. Cream is the darker lovebird. She was hiding in a corner of her fishtank and shaking. The slightest noise made her jump. Peaches is the lighter (or cream colored) one. She was trying desperately to get attention in her fishtank. She was throwing the water bottle against the side of the tank and playing peek-a-boo under her newspapers. We decided to ask about them. We were told they were six months old. LIES! They had no black left on their beaks (the mark of a young lovebird) AND their bands said 94 (as in 1994, we purchased them in 1996). We decided almost at once that we needed to get them out of there. They were adult birds being kept singly in fish tanks with no toys. This was cruel by any standards. Now Peaches and Cream share a cage together. We are happy to report the girls are doing fine. They even let us touch them now. They love to play and sing and preen our hair. They are inseparable and definitely much better off than what they seemed to be destined to in the pet shop.

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