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Our Goffins Cockatoos Dallas and Nick

The picture on the left is Dallas. She is a three year old Goffins Cockatoo. While searching through the classifieds of our local paper I came across an ad for a cockatoo for sale. I always wanted a cockatoo but they were always out of my price range and far too loud for me. Well here was a Goffins too just waiting for us. (They are the smallest and quietest of the cockatoo family.) Dallas was owned by a family that looked at pets as possessions to discard when they were bored with them. The wife told me of the past animals that they had either sold or given away (among them a toucan, two iguanas and scores of others). They had just had their second child so the bird had to go. What a sweetheart! She jumped right on my shoulder! She lived in a very nice but barren cage in a room that the family admitted they were rarely in. I came back the following day with cash in hand and took Dallas home. We filled her cage with toys and put her in the room we spend most of our time in. We watched her come alive. After a while Dallas began pulling out her feathers. We tried everything. No medical problems. No sudden changes. No trauma. We tried herbal remedies and still nothing. Finally we placed a mirror behind her cage........lo and behold she started talking to the mirror, bringing it toys and trying to feed it. We thought this was quite cute until she started trying to dismantle the mirror to "free" her friend. So off we went on our quest to find her a friend. Our search took us on a five hour car ride to upstate New York to purchase Nick from a breeder. He is a 15(?) year old male goffin. The breeder was selling him because he too was frustrated. Nick was trying to mate with the only other Goffin she had......his name was Fred. Fred was not happy with Nick's advances. Home we came. We kept them separated but next to each other for about five days and they've been together ever since. Aaaahhhh love.

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