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I (Chris) moved out of my house in 1982 into a dormer above my sisters house because my father had become verbally abusive. I was lonely and I needed a companion. So off to Bide-a-wee I went to find a friend. He was the last of his litter and nobody wanted him. They said his breed was lab x. At the time he was so small that he fit into the palm of my hand. At his prime he was close to70 pounds. He is now nearing 15 years old and he has become a grumpy old man. Even so, no one could ever have wished for a more loyal friend then my friend Champ. You ask how he got his name? He was named after the car I had at that time (which no longer exists). Three years ago I came home to find Champ couldn't move. We picked Champ up and rushed him to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. He was paralyzed from the hips back. He was diagnosed as having severe arthritis and calcification of the spine. As I watched the vet pinch and probe there was absolutely no reaction from his lower legs or from Champ himself. They said they would x-ray him and I should call the next day to see if they could help him. To this day whatever did happen was treated by large doses of steroids. When we went back to pick him up a few days later he came running at us. Maybe he can't see so well anymore or hear so well but he always will be number one.

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