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Lucky the Congo African Grey

This is Lucky. He is a Congo African Grey. We're not sure of his age because his leg band has no year on it and we are not his original home. We are Lucky's fourth home. He was previously abused, cannot fly and is missing a toe. We didn't even want another bird but we're suckers for an animal in need. Shortly after (about two months) our beloved Amazon passed away we acquired two lovebirds. We stopped into a pet shop to pick up some millet spray for them. Right at the front counter was a medium sized cage with Lucky in it. All he did was sit in his cage and shake. He was petrified of everything. I (Gayle) asked the owner what his story was. He explained how many homes Lucky had been in and that he was afraid of everything and everyone and never so much as uttered a word. We felt so bad for him. We asked if we could see the bird. He cautioned us that the bird didn't go to anyone. Well next thing we knew Lucky was hopping from my arm to Chris's arm and had stopped shaking. We put him back in his cage, paid for our purchase and went home. The whole way I couldn't stop thinking about him but at the same time we weren't ready for another large bird yet. He was too close to Spunky's size and appearance. Needless to say within two days we were back at the pet shop to take Lucky home. (But you knew that was going to happen anyway.) Off to the vet we went to get him checked out. After receiving his clean bill of health we picked up a cage and headed home. Lucky plays, sings, laughs and talks all the time now. We feel so lucky to have found him. He blows kisses, wolf whistles, calls us by name, calls the dogs by name and talks and talks and talks. He's even made up names for himself. On any given day he is either Lucky, Luck Luck, LuckLuckLuck, Lucky Luck, the Luckster or Loverboy. Don't even think of calling him the wrong name! If you use the wrong name he will ignore you. If you repeat the wrong name he will correct you (quite loudly). He loves to snuggle and play. Now Lucky has a new friend. We recently adopted a Yellow Collared Mini Macaw named Webster. They became friends in less than a week. Now they are inseparable. We hope you enjoyed meeting Lucky and will visit the rest of his brothers and sisters.

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