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Our Budgies: Angel, Casper, Glacier and Skye

These are our budgies. They are yet another pet store rescue. Angel, Casper, Glacier and Skye were all purchased from a pet shop in Brooklyn in August. Upon having them vet checked they were diagnosed with psitacosis. Actually are vet was pretty impressed that they weren't sicker. Only one was really beginning to have difficulty breathing. After what seemed like forever giving them injections and oral antibiotics they have all recovered quite well. They are energetic and playful and eat like there's no tomorrow. Our vet told us they probably would have died had they been there much longer. I decided to notify the pet shop owner. She didn't care at all. As a matter of fact she didn't even seem surprised. She asked if I became ill because of it. When I resonded with "no" she asked what my problem was. It is pet shops like this that give good pet shops such a bad name. Oh well at least they're happy and healthy now.....I just feel bad for the ones left behind and the ones still to come.

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