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Buddy will be six years old in June. He was supposed to be a miniature poodle but he ended up being the largest of the litter. Since he was so big, no one wanted him because he was too big. We have since learned he is really a labradoodle (a labrador/poodle mix). Let's back up a bit and explain why I got Buddy. After Chelsea had broken her back I was told that she would be very limited in what she could do so I wanted to get her a little friend. A buddy. Only it turns out that he's my buddy. When you were little did you ever want a dog like Lassie that would follow you wherever you went? Well I got my Lassie. He is the most loving dog you'd ever want to meet. He is quick with a kiss and loves to cuddle. He is still a bit skittish though. He is being treated with Elavil so he is less jumpy.

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